On the Way to Brazilian GP: race schedule

F1 Brazilian GP 2019

With all the titles already assigned, the Circus lands in Brazil, in the historical track of São Paulo. The battle for the third position in driver’s championship is still open: with the two Ferrari driver and Verstappen involved (Verstappen 235 pts, Vettel 230 pts, Leclerc 249 pts).

The Monegasque is going to face the weekend in non-optimal assumptions: the engineers of Maranello have figured out that is too risky using Power Unit Spec 2 for the last 2 F1 appointments. Despite what heard in USA, the Spec 3 has not completely “boiled”, but the opportunity of mounting a new engine is at the moment the preferred option.

Race schedule (UTC+1)

Friday 15th November:

  • Free Practise 1         15:00-16:30
  • Free Practise 2         19:00-20:30

Saturday 16th November:

  • Free Practise 3        16:00-17:00
  • Qualifying session  19:00-20:00

Sunday 17th November:

  • Race                        19.10-21:10
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