On the Way to Circuit of Americas GP 2019: Technical preview

In the emotional circuit of Interlagos, Charles Lelcerc is going to face a 10 positions penalty due to engine substitution, has anticipated in the race schedule. The current king of Brazil is S. Vettel with 3 wins. This place has bitter-sweet flavour to Hamilton since the lost championship in 2007 and the one (the first) taken in the last turn in 2008, overtaking Timo Glock. This time we have a lot of official news to discuss.


The News

On top of all, there’s the official confirmation for Albon in Red Bull for 2020 and the subsequent announce of Toro Rosso line-up: Gasly and Kvyat also for next year. Alfa Romeo Racing has  confirmed the presence of Giovinazzi at the side of the Kimi Raikkonen.

With the 2020 rules defined in their major topics, Ferrari has already signed the “Concorde” Agreement (the current expires this year). On the other side, Mercedes has not confirmed, yet even though the engine supply with 3 official teams has already been reached. The cunning mind of Toto Wolff is trying to make Mercedes acquire more economical and political influence: in fact, Ferrari has rich benefits (and also the right of veto) because of the brand prestige. In his action, Toto tries to put on the table Mercedes results of the last 10 years and its influence on F1 Circus. All the statements “we’re not sure to stay in F1” are part of the game.

The green turn of Liberty Media

After the clamor followed to J. Carey’s words of a future F1 aiming to a zero-emission category by 2030, we have to reconsider that announce in the view of trying to introduce more sustainable concepts in F1. On that aspect, also FIA agrees. So by 2025 we’ll have 25 GPs and a F1 that tries to respect more the environment: difficult to say the final outcome since in Formula One speed and economical benefits are on first place. We hope that Liberty Media has not in mind to revolution the innovative and emotive spirit of F1 making it a copy of Formula E (which at the moment has the favour of the media due to climate change political actions but it’s far from the old style motorsport entertainment).

And beware! Toto is missing this GP. How to blame him? He has already the two championships in his pocket.

 Technical Setup & Tyres

Interlagos is quite a short track, an it is located in altitude but not as the Mexican GP: the turbine is going to run at more than 2000 rpm/min. The track is quite complete and the uncertain weather has made this appointment often very exciting. For FP the weather forecast is rainy.

The configuration necessary to behave well inside the brazialian turns is of medium-high downforce. However, the new power unit of Leclerc may show its power in the straights present in  sector one and three. On the other hand, the second sector seems appropriate to Red Bull due to the presence of medium-slow turn where also mechanical grip is important.

Pirelli brings in Sao Paulo the set of harder compound (C1, C2 and C3): the team, among the top which has the lowest number of soft compound is Mercedes.

The fight for the third has begun!

Pirelli Brazil F1 2019

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