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Firstly, the new revisited line-up of Red Bull and Toro Rosso after the driver swap: Gasly goes back to the satellite team while Albon is promoted, as investigated also in the previous articles (Helmut Marko’s Move).

Unofficial rumours want the Mercedes drivers to be confirmed for 2020. While Lewis Hamilton’s deal with Mercedes expires in 2020 and so there were not novelties on that side, Bottas seemed to be confirmed also for the next season. This means thta the Finnish driver is going to approach his fourth year with Mercedes. On the other hand, this may be seen as a failure for the driver academy of Mercedes: Ocon will be free to sign with another team without any restrictions. Two F1 teams may be attracted by this opportunity: Renault and Haas. In fact, after the weak results of Grosjean, Gunther Steiner is thinking about getting rid of the French driver.

Wacthing the technical side, Ferrari is likely to bring the Evolution Spec 3 of the Power Unit (PU). The new engine should guarantee a plus of about 20 HP. However this SPEC may last for the 9 remaining races of the season in order not to get a penalty. But in Maranello are conscious that the next two races constitute a very good opportunity for the Italian team.

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The technical preview

Spa is a completely different track from Hungary: 7004 m long for a total of 44 laps of race. The MGU-H may recover 4000 kJ while the MGU-K may recover 800 kJ.Fuel consumption should not be a problem in this track (so below 100 kg). On mechanical level, the setup is going to be similar to that in Silverstone than that used in Hungary. The optimal setup configures to be a medium-low aerodynamic setting. The lower setting configuration seemed to safe about 2 kg of fuel. Pirelli is going to make available to the teams the harder compounds (C1, C2 and C3).

If you missed the race schedule, here it is!

Plus 20 HP for Ferrari
Pirelli Choice for Spa
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