On the Way to Australian GP 2020: Technical preview

It’s the opening of F1 2020 season. As usually since the last decade, we start from Melbourne, Australia. We know that Albert Park is a street-like circuit where overtaking is a very mission (if we talk of car engaged with similar potential). Then, pole position is a key to victory. However, in recent years safety car has been a factor: 50% of the times Bernd Maylander had to go out with his Mercedes to slow down the group.

After the controversy about Ferrari’s engine we can know pass the ball to the track! Will Binotto‘s words about poor competitiveness be true? Or was it a strategy to take the underdog position?

At the moment we can only say that in Barcelona tests Ferrari didn’t show the normal performance of the engine as we see by the level reached by the satellites teams of Alfa Romeo and Haas.

If you don’t know the race timetable schedule, you find it here!

Tyres Compound F1 Albert Park

 Technical Setup & Tyres

The set of compound chosen is the intermediate one: C4, C3 and C2. The have to remind that the tyres’ structure is the same of last year. In fact, in order to avoid teaching curve time lapses between teams at the end of season 2019 the opportunity proposed by Pirelli to introduce a new evoluted compound for 2020 has been rejected. As we see below, Mercedes and Red Bull have only one set of hard tyres that means they’re not going to use it in the free practises. Ferrari, instead has chosen a mixed combination to let test the various compound before the Sunday race.

Pirelli_selection Australia GP 2020

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