On the Way to Circuit of Americas GP 2019: Technical preview

In Austin, which has been a favourable place for Mercedes Lewis Hamilton is going to win his 6th championship. In the circuit of Americas press conference, the new rules about 2021 have been revealed. Also Red Bull with Max Verstappen has shown good feeling in the COTA circuit last year.

Track circuit of Americas

The News

The new concept and rules for 2021 have been revelaed in the land of F1 owners: United States. Reporting briefly what has been said, we should have “the first F1 car designed keeping in mind the requirements to make overtakes easier“. According to J. Todt’s slogan, also the sustainable component should be increased, with 20% of the fuel coming from sustainable resources. Keeping in mind the safety issues, the weight of the cars will be increased.

The overall aim of these measures is the reduce the gap between teams, but if you ask us an opinion, I’ll say that I’m not so sure. To my mind, FIA would had better calm down with proclamation. In particular after an era of Mercedes domination since the introduction of the (New) Turbo engines.

Moreover, a budget cap is going to be introduced progressively. Also in this area, top teams are already setted up: in the next 2 years Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari are going to do massive investments to respect the cap when it will enter into force. So, there’s also the possibility that once a team centered the right design, the others would have difficulties to match the performance in the short distance. Vettel was not so exited about all these new rules saying that we would have preferred a new old style engine.

Because, you know, in F1 you impose the rule and then teams find out the trick.


 Technical Setup & Tyres

The circuit os one of medium-high downforce despite the presence of two long straights. This condition goes in favour to cars with higher aerodynamics efficiency. The mentioned aero configuration reflects in a powerful DRS: increase of about 10 km/h are expected when using the device. The fuel consumption may not be a problem: 100 kg shoud be sufficient for the race (105 max allowed).

The thermal engine is going to be stressed during the weekend: more than 60% of the lap is going to be full throttle.

Pirelli has chosen an intermediate set of compound (C2, C3 and C4): the same we saw in Mexico, so we’ll have a back to back comparison with the performance obtained in the Mexican GP.

Tyre Austin GP 2019

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