Graining and blistering

Tyres: what is blistering and graining & more

Can you guess all the tyre damages? Blistering and Graining are only two of a bunch you can find in this article. Do you know them all?

Tyres uniformity: the dynamic properties

Which are the dynamic properties of tyres? Radial run out and lateral run out are the topics of the article. The impact of force variations on performances.
Tyre code

Tyres: Recognition codes

Article dedicated to understanding the meaning of tyres codes. Examples and in depth details to clear all the doubts: tyre code identification is here!
Magic Formula Tyre

Modeling the Tyre Behaviour: Magic Formula and Brush Tyre Model

Article dedicated to two practical model for modeling the tyre behaviour: the Magic Formula and the Brush tyre models. Mechanical lessons are back!
Rolling resistance and tow Tesla - Ford

Modeling the Tyre Behaviour: Rolling Resistance

The role of the rolling resistance in tyre modeling. The trick behind the Tesla Cybertruck challenge vs Ford hides on the low rolling coefficient.
Slip ratio and slip angle

Modeling the Tyre Behaviour: slip ratio and slip angle

Model of a tyre for motorsport performance. The longitudinal forces: slip ratio and slip angle are the main focus of this chapter.
g-g diagram

Modeling the Tyre Behaviour: g-g diagram, mechanical and pneumatic trail

How to model the behaviour of tyres? We first need to introduce the g-g diagram and then we have to explore the impact of mechanical nad pneumatic trail. Do you know what's the slip angle of a car? Let's begin!
Toe Setup in F1


After the lessons about Caster and Camber we have the Toe. In racing setup, stability vs reactivity is not the only tradeoff.
Caster Setup in Motorsport


The caster effect on the Motorsport setup. The self-aligning torque and the caster-camber relation in cornering condition.
Camber Motorsport


What is the camber? The setup of the camber and its influence on vehicle dynamics is introduced. The impact on handling and time attack of camber angle.
Contact Patch grip

TYRES: The contact patch role in racing – part 3

What's the advantage of using a larger tyre on race track? A simple insight to understand the way to performance. Part 3 of the Tyres chapter is here!
Tyre structure

TYRES: a complex composite structure – part 2

Have you ever wondered about tyres structures? Which are the components of a tyres? The pro's and con's of radial and cross-ply construction.
Tyre explanation Motorsport

TYRES: General Requirements in Motorsport – part 1

The general requirements for tyres which constitute a key factor in automotive engineering. The Nitrogen Inflation technique and improvements.