Leclerc-Verstappen fight + video

And finally… the grades for the main characters of the GP.

But before: do you want to get an idea about the incident/overtake? I prepared a video for you. Some recent cases. When I reviewed the clips I thought that Max gets mad when Ferrari is nearby. He knows that when he battles Hamilton he has bad luck.

Charles Leclerc: What a wonderful drive! Amazing defense (compare him to what he did and Bottas!). Very wise in race management, but his Ferrari wasn’t quick enough with the hard compound. It seems to see a classy, skilled and gentle driver. The attitude F1 needs. GRADE: 9.5/10

Max Verstappen: The opposite of Leclerc, also during public speaking approach. But quick as his rival. His Red Bull had a great pace on hard tyres. It wasn’t a perfect race on his side. He failed the start and then am incredible recover. Till 2 lap to go. And now someone say “ohhh yes this is F1!”. I say: it was a bully manouvre. Why do not leave the space to Leclerc as the lap before? The speed his Red Bull has would have permitted him to overcome the Ferrari driver anyway (or maybe it was afraid by Leclerc?)

With that move he cut off any opportunity to any other battle and Leclerc to reply on the successive straight. This is called “push another driver off the track” according FIA regulation. Now we do not have chance after the Canada episode. To have a coherently decision, 5 sec penalty was the fair choice.

GRADE: 2/10

But it seems that Ferrari deserved “special treatments” these last races.

What’s your point of view? Let me know in the comments!

Giving that this kind of fight is allowed Ferrari is happy to welcome a new pilot for next 2 GP’s. Leclerc will stay in Marannello training at the simulator as sign of protest. Below the photo of the new driver. They say is number 1 in the following areas: heartbraking overtakes, crash moves and take off manouvres.

In short, the numer ONE to fight back Mad Max, definitely.

Image 2

“If these kind of fight are allowed then Ferrari has hired the master on his side” the first words of the take-off crash F1 specialized driver.


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