How to make Himiko Toga Cosplay for cheap

Himiko Toga Costume Idea from My Hero Academia

Toga’s personal dressing code is centered around conformity and personal authenticity. By the way, her parents, disgusted by their daughter’s quirk power, tried to force her to be “normal” and suppress her true nature. Unfortunately, her “innocent schoolgirl” facade cracked, with no way to go back to how things were. Rejecting the “mask” that society tried to force on her, Toga chose a school uniform as her villain costume.

How does Himiko Toga Cosplay look like?

Toga’s costume is an ordinary-looking schoolgirl outfit with some blood-sucking devices added, giving the petite villain a distinct look. It initially seems like she chose this outfit for sheer convenience, but there may be more to it. Perhaps she’s sending a message to society at large with her villain costume.

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How to make Himiko Toga Cosplay (Boku No Hero Academia) – Guide

Himiko Toga is one of the villains in the series. It stands out for being a crazy girl, who likes to be smiling. However, it has gained the popularity of girls. His costume consists of a sailor uniform with a sweater, you can buy it at a cosplay store, where it comes with socks, shoes, wig and other accessories. You can find the make-up video at this link (Youtube)


How to make Himiko Toga Cosplay Girls – Costumes Ideas

Himiko Toga Hair.

Himiko has pale blonde hair, frizzy and held back in two giant meatball-like buns on either side of her head.

You can either dye your own hair, or use a blonde cosplay wig to get Himiko’s wild style. Use a brush to tease your hair, and plain elastics to hold both the buns back.

Himiko Toga Outfit.

Himiko wears a Japanese school uniform consisting of a very oversized beige knitted sweater, a blue-and-white striped sailor suit collar and a giant red ascot bow holding it in place.

She also wears a very short miniskirt which matches the sailor suit collar in color, as well as dark gray knee-high socks.

You can find cosplay school uniforms at most retail websites and wholesale websites, as well as the socks, or if you prefer you can look for a pre-made Himiko Toga cosplay costume.

Look for clothing in muted, faded colors similar to Himiko’s own washed-out-looking uniform while you’re shopping for these supplies.

–>>Check the Himiko Toga general outfit here<<–



Himiko generally doesn’t have many accessories when in her school attire. She has dark brown shoes with thick heels, a basic style which you can pick up from any shoe shop or retail website.

However, when in her villainous form she features numerous accessories including a piped black mask, knives strapped to her legs, a blue utility belt and silver cylinders attached to her mask which resemble a hideous grin shape.

Along with the blue belt, add some plastic green boxes just like Himiko’s if you’re looking for any extra details to add to your costume.

How much does Himiko Toga cosplay cost?

You can get an interesting cosplay costume for as low as $30. You can also start creating her accessories by yourself! For a complete outfit, a balanced price for the whole costume (including dressing, hair, accessories and shoes) may be around $60.

What’s Himiko Toga personality and character?

Himiko Toga is an unhealthy ENTP personality type. Hes ego is fragile, particularly when he feels threatened or there’s a chance that someone makes her look incompetent. She is critical of others and argumentative.

Himiko Toga tries to rationalize his actions as a defense mechanism. It’s clear that she is extremely private and doesn’t let anyone in because she feels insecure.

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