Top Pokemon Starters - La meilleure sélection

Top Pokemon Starters - La meilleure sélection

Every gamer embarking on their Pokémon journey knows that their first choice is an enduring one – selecting their Starter Pokémon. These adorable creatures are not just your initial companions, but they lay the foundation of the adventures that lie ahead. Among the plethora of options, three Pokémon have stood the test of time – Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon; Charmander, the Flame Pokémon; and Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon. Each with its strengths and unique abilities, they offer a distinctive gameplay experience, and represent a balanced spectrum of choice – Bulbasaur for those who prefer balanced stats, Charmander for those who desire power and speed, and Squirtle for players who value defense and variety of attacks.



The Cuteness Quotient: Bulbasaur’s Adorable Design

Bulbasaur’s design is one of the reasons why it’s a fan favourite. Styled as a small dinosaur or large frog with bluish-green body, large red eyes, and a large plant bulb on its back, it’s the epitome of ‘cute but deadly.’ Bulbasaur’s distinctive appearance sets it apart from its fellow starters, while its evolutions offer the allure of watching the tiny bulb blossom into a towering, prehistoric-looking creature.

Resilience in Battle: The Grass/Poison Dual-Type Advantage

Bulbasaur is unique in its status as a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokémon. Combine this with its balanced array of stats, and Bulbasaur provides an inherently flexible combat style. Its Grass type allows it to learn powerful and helpful healing moves like Leech Seed and Synthesis, helping it to outlast opponents. Meanwhile, the Poison typing offers resistance to numerous other types and can create a punishing offense with toxic attacks.

Endgame Potential: Bulbasaur’s Powerful Evolution

Throughout the game, trainers need to strive for a Pokémon with the robustness and attack strength to help secure victory. Bulbasaur’s final evolution, Venusaur, holds its own against most adversaries. With the dreamy Solar Beam move and ancillary abilities like Sleep Powder, Venusaur is a juggernaut on the battlefield.

Competitive Edge: Bulbasaur in Pokémon Leagues

Something that attracts gamers to Bulbasaur is the advantage it offers during gym battles, especially early ones in the game. Brock’s rock-type Pokémon Onix and Misty’s water-type Starmie can be a challenge, but Bulbasaur’s Grass moves are super effective against both, giving trainers a solid head start in the leagues.

Loyal Companion: Bulbasaur in the Anime

Bulbasaur’s influence transcends beyond the gaming universe and into the Pokémon Anime where Ash Ketchum’s Bulbasaur plays a significant role. Its devotion and stubborn, brave character shown in the series has made it not just beloved with fans but also a symbol of unyielding friendship and loyalty.

Accessible for All: Playstyle Flexibility

Finally, Bulbasaur is a favourite for beginner trainers because of its well-rounded stats and versatile move set. It offers the ability to deal with a diverse range of threats and adapt to various battle conditions, making it an ideal choice for those who are learning the game’s mechanics. Regardless of a trainer’s preferred style, Bulbasaur can comfortably adapt and remain a reliable team member throughout the Pokémon journey.

Illustration of Bulbasaur, a small dinosaur-like Pokémon with bluish-green body, large red eyes, and a large plant bulb on its back.


Why Choose Charmander? A Battle-Ready Companion.

Charmander is not just a cute, fiery-tailed creature to walk alongside you in your Pokémon journey; it has more to offer. Its fire type attribute not only gives it an edge against grass, ice, and bug types, but it also makes Charmander a formidable choice against Steel type Pokémon. Embers flying from its tail are not just for show; they are a precursor to a powerful Flamethrower attack that can cause serious damage.

A Zest for Victory: Strengths and Tactics

Unlike other starters who may seem equally appealing, what distinctively sets Charmander apart is its high special attack stat. This catalyst for its signature Flamethrower attack evolves into a substantial threat in gym battles and Pokémon showdowns as Charmander metamorphoses into its final evolution, Charizard. Charizard’s speed, coupled with this formidable attack power, gives it the ability to land the first strike and save your hit points in critical battles.

Not Just a Fire Type: The Edge of Flying

Charmander’s evolution doesn’t just end at upgrading its fire capabilities; its final evolution, Charizard, adds the subtype ‘flying’ to its arsenal. This gives it an immunity to Ground-type attacks, providing a tactical advantage in battles. Furthermore, flying type moves like Wing Attack also offer a variety of attack options, making Charizard a versatile contender.

Charmander-to-Charizard Evolution: A Power Curve

While Charmander might seem like an average, small-sized Pokémon at the start, don’t underestimate its potential—in time, you will witness a transmutation similar to a phoenix rising from the ashes. The adorable Charmander evolves into the fierce Charizard, amplifying its abilities manifold. The noticeable power spike during evolution is what compels trainers to hold on to this Pokémon and raise it with care, for the rewards are quite spectacular.

The Popularity of the Flame Pokémon

Be it the vibrant gaming community or the vast array of series and movies, Charmander’s popularity remains consistent throughout. Its recognizable fiery tail and charismatic appeal make it a fan-favorite Pokémon. Whether you are new to the Pokémon universe or a seasoned player, having Charmander as your starter would undoubtedly enhance your Pokémon journey.

A vibrant image of Charmander with its fiery tail, showcasing its popularity among fans.


Squirtle: A sturdy water-type choice

Renowned as a popular pick among gamers since Pokémon’s earliest days, Squirtle – also affectionately recognized as the Tiny Turtle Pokémon – has a lot going for it. The most notable advantages of choosing Squirtle as a starter stem from its impressive initial defense stats and water-based offensive capabilities. Known for its shell-based shielding and sturdy defenses, Squirtle can withstand attacks that would cause other young Pokémon to wilt.

Evolution: From Squirtle to Blastoise

Contrary to being just a tiny turtle, Squirtle carries an evolution set that unfurls significant power and resilience. Its transformative journey from Squirtle to Wartortle and finally into Blastoise, presents sizable boosts in both defensive and offensive stats. The evolution process not only improves its ability to take hits but also amplifies its offensive firepower, turning this tiny turtle into a strong dam that can also pack a serious punch of high-pressure water.

Versatility on any Team

Squirtle’s ability to learn a diverse range of water and ice-based attacks makes it a key player in any Pokémon team configuration. As Squirtle evolves and gains access to more powerful moves, its combat effectiveness broadens. It can adapt to opponents’ weaknesses and fill various roles such as a hard-hitting attack unit or a resilient tank. This flexible nature lends itself to a plethora of strategies, confirming Squirtle as an asset no matter the combat situation.

The Takeaway: Why Choose Squirtle?

In many instances, the choice of starter pokemon reflects the player’s long-term strategy. If your game plan expects a well-rounded, resilient, and adaptable player, then Squirtle is an excellent choice. Its enviable base defense, efficacious attacks, and invaluable versatility make Squirtle a formidable ally, ensuring that no matter the challenge ahead, this Tiny Turtle Pokémon can handle the waves.


Whether you’re an ardent Pokémon fan or a casual gamer, the allure of these Starter Pokémon is undeniable. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle each offer a unique blend of power, versatility, and charm that not only enhances the gaming experience but also enriches the narrative of the Pokémon universe. They represent a timeless tradition, a rite of passage for every Pokémon trainer embarking on their journey. Always remember, there’s no ‘best’ choice, these starters simply reflect the kind of player you seek to be. As you venture into the vast and vibrant world of Pokémon, may your chosen Starter guide you to countless victories and joyous adventures!