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How to buy and sell Pokemon booster box and packs to make a profit.

Pokemon trading card game is one of the most known collectible game since its first release back to late 90’s. Pokemon cards are widely appreciated by both collectors and copetitive players in competitive tournaments. Due to the rising value of Pokemon cards, you may ask yourself if it is worth to buy sealed booster Pokemon packs.

The value of Pokemon booster packs explained.

In order to get a first appraisal of your Pokemon booster pack you have better understand the composition of a Pokemon booster pack.

The composition of a Pokemon booster pack.

A Pokemon booster pack contains 10 random cards, similar to a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Each card has a rarity, ranging from common (the most frequently included cards) to super rare (the least frequently included cards). The standard distribution of cards in a booster pack is 6 common cards, 3 uncommon card, and at least 1 rare card. For a better comprehension of Pokemon card value and their rarity you can check our article How to evaluate Pokemon cards in only 4 steps.


What is the probability of getting an ultra rare Pokemon card from booster packs?

The probability of pulling out an ultra rare card depends on the Pokemon expansion set. In general, every English-language Pokemon booster pack is guaranteed to contain at least 1 Rare (Rare) card and generally 3 Uncommon (Peu courant) cards; the remainder will usually be Common (Communs). Starting from the Legendary Collection expansion, each Booster pack is also guaranteed to contain 1 Reverse Holofoil card, which is a card of any Rarity with Holofoil printing on the background of the card but not on the image of the Pokémon, Item or Supporter.

How to get an accurate pulling ratio for Pokemon booster packs?

The rarity of a Pokemon cards is often referred as ‘pulling ratio‘ which describes the difficult to find a particular Pokemon card of an expansion set. In order to obtain an accurate estimation of the chances to get a particular card you can try some of the following Pokemon booster pack simulator.

The best Pokemon booster pack simulator for box opening.

At the following links you can find a virtual Pokemon Pack Opener. You can open a pack and see what you pull out from the booster packs.

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Is it worth buying Pokemon cards? The Pokemon market explained.

As we explained in our dedicated article to buy and sell Pokemon cards (TOP 5 sites to buy and sell Pokemon cards), Pokemon card price is determined by two kind of markets: the collectible Pokemon market and the competitive tournament Pokemon market. Considering that the price of a single booster pack is around 4$ (manufacturers suggested retail price MSRP), you can buy a Pokemon booster box for less than 99$ (with a saving of about 40%, in fact 4 x 36 =144$).

Is buying Pokemon booster boxes a good investment?

It is for both collecting and re-selling reasons. In fact, it is a good investment from the point of view of a collector who can have a great variety of Pokemon cards from a set. This will let you get a feel for the new cards and depending on your pull ratio you may then opt to purchase more packs or buy specific singles. From the standpoint of future reselling, genuine sealed Pokemon boxes of booster cards is worth the investment if you are willing to wait for that money. While you wait, those boxes of cards need to be stored well until they are harder to find, and the value goes up.

How many Pokemon booster boxes is worth buying?

It’s pas recommendable going beyond four or five Pokemon booster boxes (unless you’re collecting for multiple people). There are some very valuable, chase cards in most sets, but once you get to your fourth or fifth box most of the cards you open will be cards you already have four or more copies of. It will typically be much more effective to trade or buy the final cards that you need. According to this reasoning, a purchase of two-three boxes  will give you a solid variety of the rare cards and likely a play set of most of the uncommon and common cards in the set. You can also get a perfect mix between sealed packs to resell and single Pokemon cards pulled out for future resale.

How much time should I wait before reselling sealed Pokemon packs and boxes?

In case your business model is based on flipping (buying and selling as soon as possible) you can buy a number of Pokemon sealed boxes for a cheap price and trying re-selleing them to the retail market. On the other hand, for sealed Pokemon packs you should consider store them for few years to get the highest return on the investment. buy-and-sell-pokemon-booster-boxes-value

Which are the best Pokemon booster box to buy for investment?

The best booster box to buy to make money is the most popular box on the market in that particular moment. The most current booster box is a box that you will pay retail price for and on which you stand a chance of making the most profit. Apart from this, the following Pokemon boxes are the most profitable:

  • Vivid Voltage: The set is filled with incredible Pikachu cards, including the Rainbow Rare Pikachu GMAX. As one of the most recent Pokemon TCG sets, Vivid Voltage Pokemon expansion set jumped in popularity almost immediately.
  • Skyridge: it is one of the most expensive Pokemon Booster Boxes. The artwork of the box, along with the color, is beautiful art. Inside Skyridge Pokemon set you can find extremely expensive Pokemon cards such as the so called ‘Crystal’ (i.e. Crystal Charizard).
  • Evolution: The Evolutions expansion to the XY Pokemon card set may be the most popular of all modern day sets. It can be considered a re-interpretation of the original 151 Pokemon. Years from now, XY Evolutions will be the valuable, hundred thousand dollars worth Booster Box.
  • Base set: The First Edition Base Set Booster Box is the holy grail of Pokemon Card Booster Boxes. It is incredibly expensive to get a hold of one nowadays. The first edition base set booster box has been sold for $198’000 according to heritage auctions.

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