FERRARI’S REVOLUTION: Simone Resta Homecoming


It’s time of revolution inside the Ferrari team. Like every year you may say. The results (not) obtained probably forced the Harry Potter of the Circus ((Mattia Binotto) ) to take counter-measures.

Binotto probably has realized he needs help to put together all the high technical disciplines invoved in the design of F1.

According to this view rumours says that Simone Resta  (chief designer at Sauber) is on the way to return home.

Homecoming will not be the word for the following key roles: the head aerodynamic engineer and the head of the development engineer.

In fact, Alessandro Cinelli and Giacomo Tortora who respectively occupied the cited positions, got fired by Maranello.


On the left Alessandro Cinelli and on the right Giacomo Tortora

Moreover, the political move of Harry Potter is opposite to the ones of his predecessor (Maurizio Arrivabene) who tried to trust and entrust the italian side of the team promoting team members who where left in shadows during James Allison’s direction.

Rumours depict Harry Potter searching for technical figures outside Gryffindor home. Binotto is trying to abduct with his magic experts from the rival house of Slytherin (of course the wizard of aerodynamics, Red Bull.

P.S: In this moment we can only imagine Maurizio Arrivabene’s state of mind.

Harry potter
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