F1 Turkish GP 2021: full race start time

Instabul Park GP

Turkish GP F1 2021 Hamilton Vertappen Tyres Pirelli

Turkish GP F1 2021 Hamilton Vertappen Tyres Pirelli

F1 2021 Turkish GP: Timetable and race schedule.

Turkish GP, Pirelli’s choice

The Italian manufacturer has named a softer range of tires than in 2020: the C2 will be the P Zero White hard, the C3 will be the P Zero Yellow medium and the C4 will be the P Zero Red soft. The decision was the result of data collected last year, based on a circuit that offered average levels of wear and very little grip, which made the surface very slippery. In this 2021, however, the story, as mentioned, could be different. The asphalt should be ‘matured’ and this could offer greater grip to the cars, also favored by the choice of softer compounds.


tyre turkish gp f1 2021 pirelli

tyre turkish gp f1 2021 pirelli

But beware of degradation. The Istanbul track is very demanding for the tyres and it is no coincidence that the teams will use high downforce settings to make the cars more stable. If you look at the history of this championship, you might think that Red Bull can have advantages from the use of softer tires, as a range, given that the Milton Keynes car has favored coverage with such characteristics in the season, finding the window of use more easily. Higher temperatures await us than 12 months ago and the RB16B could be favored over the Mercedes, much more convincing with ‘harder’ compounds.

The Circus makes a stop at Istanbul Park with Lewis Hamilton just two points ahead of Max Verstappen

A year ago Lewis Hamilton in Turkey mathematically became F1 World Champion for the seventh time in his career equaling Michael Schumacher at the helm of the multi-world drivers in F1. This year the Mercedes driver will present himself in Istanbul as leader of the ranking, but this year his leadership is far from undisputed.

Turkish GP F1 2020 Hamilton Champion

Turkish GP F1 2020 Hamilton Champion

Max Verstappen, in fact, follows him just two points away and has already discounted the fact of having to run a race in comeback due to the introduction of the fourth power unit of the season, a fate that could also concern Hamilton. A year ago the Turkish weekend laid bare the inadequacy of the new asphalt in the face of a weekend characterized by rain. The show on the track was in any case of the highest level, with Hamilton able to celebrate the seventh world title with a victory ahead of Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel, who crowned an excellent weekend with the last podium as a Ferrari driver taking advantage of a mistake in the final of Leclerc, who exaggerated in an attempt to snatch the second position from the Mexican.

Speaking of Ferrari and power units, Carlos Sainz is expected to make a comeback race if the Scuderia di Maranello actually decides to introduce on the SF21 #55 the updated hybrid system baptized by Charles Leclerc in Russia with consequent retreat on the starting grid.

Race start time for F1 Turkish GP (CEST).

Friday 8th October:

  • Free Practise 1       10:30-11:30
  • Free Practise 2    14:00-15:00

Saturday 9th October:

  • Free Practise 3        11:00-12:00
  • Qualifying       14:00-15:00

Sunday 10th October:

  • Race                        14:00-16:00

Red Bull and Honda, so they will collaborate from 2022 on PU and beyond

To the transfer of intellectual property rights are added other aspects, from marketing to collaboration in other forms of motorsport. Red Bull will be solely responsible for the production and management of the PU from 2023

Special livery for Red Bull Verstappen Turkiss GP F1 2021

Special livery for Red Bull Verstappen Turkiss GP F1 2021

The relationship between Red Bull and Honda after the Formula 1 season is now well defined. In recent weeks, the Honda environment had confirmed a support to Red Bull Powertrains for the entire 2022 championship, before leaving all responsibility to the British team, in terms of production and management of the power unit.

The 2022 will see Honda’s latest evolution go on track, specifically subject to development freezing until the end of 2024. A period of time over which Red Bull Powertrains has taken over the intellectual property rights on the Japanese power unit. It is one of the central aspects in the relationship between Red Bull and Honda from 2022 onwards.

Factory and track support

There’s more, though. And it was announced on the eve of the Turkish GP. Honda will support the Red Bull Powertrains facility in the production of the 2022 power unit and will also do so on the track, where technicians from Japan will be operational. The production and maintenance phases of the power units will be completely switched to Red Bull from 2023.

Honda’s Milton Keynes personnel at the Japanese manufacturer’s development division will be absorbed by Red Bull Powertrains.

The collaboration beyond the technical aspects will continue on the marketing and promotion activities of the programs aimed at young pilots. All to be explored, then, is the content of a partnership between Red Bull and Honda in “various forms of motorsport”. The reorganization in view will be followed by the historic HRC – Honda Racing Corporation department, which will follow all activities in the field of four-wheeled competitions. Division known to most for its commitment to the motorcycle field.