On the Way to Russian GP: race schedule

Race schedule F1 2020 Sochi

Domenicali ready to take control of F1

Former Ferrari team principal prepares to take over from Chase Carey in Liberty Media hierarchy

Formula 1 is preparing for a new important turning point in its upper floors after the entry of Liberty Media in late 2016. The CEO of the American group, Chase Carey, seems to be one step away from leaving his role after having played the very important role of mediator for the signing of the new Pact of Concord.

stefano-domenicali F1
The U.S. businessman should still maintain an important link with Formula One, but in a more marginal position. The increasingly strong name that emerged for his replacement is that of Stefano Domenicali, former team principal of Ferrari from 2008 to 2014. The 55-year-old, currently managing director of Lamborghini, joined Maranello in 1991 before taking over the reins of Jean Todt at the helm of the Racing Team after a long experience as sporting director.

The strong bond with the FIA president and Ross Brawn would have caused Liberty Media to rely on him for the post-Carey and, according to RaceFans, Domenicali should take the lead before the start of the next sporting season. At the moment, however, there is still no official confirmation.

Race schedule (UTC+1)

Friday 25th September:

  • Free Practise 1         10:00-11:30
  • Free Practise 2         14:00-15:30

Saturday 26th September:

  • Free Practise 3        11:00-12:00
  • Qualifying session   14:00-15:00

Sunday 27th September:

  • Race                        13:10-15:10

The characteristics of the track.

Since its inauguration in 2014, the asphalt of Sochi has gradually evolved. Despite this, the levels of adherence are quite low.
The nomination is softer by one step than in 2019, when C2, C3 and C4 were selected. Last year, most drivers chose a one-stop strategy: only five out of 15 drivers at the finish line stopped twice, in a race heavily conditioned by the safety car.
The most demanding curve is at 3: a curve 750 meters to the left that has several rope points and on which the right front tire is the most stressed. The circuit, built around the Olympic Park, features 90-degree turns at medium and low speeds that make it similar to a city track.

Sochi track F1 2020

Mario Isola:

“The Russian Grand Prix is one of the few remaining with its original date compared to the revised calendar and is held around the same period of 2019. Compared to last year, the nomination is a softer step to allow for higher speeds and add to the strategy challenge. Thanks to the current specifications, different from 2018, the softer choice with C3, C4 and C5 nominated for this race should encourage the use of all three mixtures, without the risk of having to resort to high management of the tyres in the race. There are some unknowns for this weekend, given the extra performance of the current single-seaters and the fact that in 2019 the race was particularly influenced by the safety car. Despite this, Sochi is an undemanding tyre track, so a one-stop strategy is possible. Teams will focus on this during free practice, and we expect different teams to try to make a tactic at a stop whenever possible.”

Tyre-Sochi F1 2020

Weather forecast.

The Russian Grand Prix, scheduled for next weekend at the Sochi circuit, looks set to be accompanied by mostly serene weather. Throughout the weekend, skies are expected to be sunny or partly cloudy. The only exception could be Saturday morning, during the FP3, for which there is a low probability of isolated thunderstorms. There’s also a slim chance of a few Sundays. Maximum temperatures should not exceed 25-26 degrees, weak wind.

Friday, September 25, 2020
Sky: Mostly sunny
Chance of precipitation: 0%
Maximum/minute temperature: 27/19 degrees Celsius
Wind: W 6 km/h

Saturday, September 26, 2020
Sky: possible isolated rains
Chance of precipitation: 25%
Maximum/minute temperatures: 26/19 degrees Celsius
Wind: 16 km/h from SSE

Sunday, September 27, 2020
Sky: Partly cloudy
Chance of precipitation: 24%
Maximum/minute temperatures: 26/19 degrees Celsius
Wind: from WSW 9 km/h

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