Race results. F1 Italian GP.

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Crazy race in Monza; Gasly wins; Difficult for Mercdes and Red Bull.


The Italian GP was a crazy and beautiful race, where something different was seen on the track, thanks to the new rule on mappings.


Brake failure for Sebastian Vettel, a ruinous accident for Charles Leclerc: Ferrari at Monza unfortunately reached the lowest point of the year 2020. Fortunately both pilots were unharmed, in particular the Monegasque whose crash was tremendous even in the opinion of current and former colleagues.

In addition to being slow, the Ferrari SF-1000 has several reliability issues.

It hasn’t happened in 25 years that both Ferraris have retired to Monza. The last time was in 1995, when Jean Alesi was in command in front of Gerhard Berger and was forced to surrender due to the broken bearing of a wheel, after the camera had detached from his car hitting the suspension of his teammate and causing it to stop.

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The 4 secrets behind Mercedes engine. Technical analysis.

What they said.

Carlos Sainz: 

“I have to continue to provide these services. Personally I think he has nothing else to prove to be up to Formula 1. I already am, and then I will be a Ferrari driver. Once you have signed for the Red you don’t need to say much more. Of course, but you have to keep fighting and improve as a driver. If it will be difficult to go back to fight for a fifth place? No, absolutely. We know exactly where on the grid we are on a normal weekend, it will be easy to adapt in view of Mugello. What’s hard to accept is knowing that we had a chance to win and we missed it“.

Lewis Hamilton: 

“Do I remember the first victory? No, it’s been too long (laughs, ndr). There hasn’t been such a young podium in a long time. As for the title we have limited the damage. First of all we didn’t do a great job at pit stop level and we have to emphasize that. I honestly did not see the signal and I must therefore take responsibility. It’s something I’m going to learn from. Anyway being seventh with the fast lap gives a good haul of points that I didn’t think was possible after the penalty. I accept this result, but Verstappen didn’t score. Today is not a big loss“.

Max Verstappen: 

“It all went wrong today. I had a bad start with a great tire skating and from there on I was bottled behind a train of riders with active DRS, which made overtaking impossible. After the red flag, at the restart, I had an engine problem that we could not solve and forced us to retire. It wasn’t the best weekend for us, but we just have to focus on the next race at a circuit that we’re excited to be able to race on. I am happy for Gasly and the Alpha Tauri who, coming here in Italy, has achieved a great result. They are a good group of people and I hope they celebrate tonight because they deserve it”

Charles Leckerc:

“It was a very difficult race, in which I suffered a lot with the balance of my car. At the time of the Safety Car I thought we had been very unlucky, but thanks to the fact that the pitlane remained closed the having already made the pitstop turned out to be an advantage. At the time of the accident we were in a very good position even though I was struggling a lot with the Hard tyres.
Nevertheless I was trying to push as much as I could when I made a mistake after which I lost the rear and went to slam to the Parabolica.
The bump was pretty strong but I’m fine. I’ve got some pain here and there, but I’d say it’s understandable. The last two weekends have been very difficult for the whole team but unfortunately right now things are going like this and we have to hope to recover soon, maybe already from Mugello next week

Mattia Binotto:

“Today’s double withdrawal is the worst conclusion to a very difficult weekend. After Belgium we knew that we would be in great trouble here too and so it was, as we saw yesterday in qualifying, but not seeing the checkered flag with either car hurts.
It is even more regrettable that one of the two recalls, Sebastian’s, happened because of a problem with the reliability of the car: situations like this – in this case a failure of the braking system – must not happen. It’s a very tough season but it’s in the difficulties that you get stronger.
We must look forward: these are all lessons that we must use to build the future. Having said that, we must not give up at all, starting as early as next week at Mugello, where we are waiting for the special appointment with the thousandth Grand Prix in our history in Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel:

“I don’t know what’s gonna happen next – I keep thinking, ‘It can’t get any worse’, but apparently it does. The fun factor is definitely not in first place right now. Tuesday I will be in the simulator for the first time, at least this should hold without reliability problems. Of course I’m not as involved as before. I’m trying to do my job in the best possible way until the end of the year, which is obviously not so easy when things aren’t going well. I wouldn’t call this situation frustrating, but it definitely sucks. I have no choice but to try to move forward in some way. This year will remain difficult and next year will no longer affect me because the team has chosen a different direction from my“.

crash leclerc monza F1 2020

Race results. Our marks to the drivers.

C. Leclerc:  Ferrari in trouble and he tries to put a patch on it; always ready to seize the opportunity as at the restart, however he exaggerated ending up out in parabolic. Final Mark: 6/10.

L. Hamilton: You always expect the maximum la he, as the first part of the race until a mistake not from him (pit lane entry closed); manages to reassemble but not in a devastating way. Final Mark: 5.5/10.

V. Bottas:  Disastrous start that causes him to fall into 6th position in a lap, only to be unable to make any overtaking. Final Mark: 4.5/10.

Ferrari: What else? This is a Ferrari?. Final Mark: 1/10.

S. Vettel: Difficult qualifying, not an exciting start, problems with the rear brakes after only 6 laps…. . Final Mark: 5.5/10.

P. Gasly: Very good race for the French, maybe miss the call for the first pit stop, but thanks to the Leclerc accident he is in a very good position that he manages as master. Final Mark: 9/10

C. Sainz: Solid race for Carlos, always present and constant; the failure to battle with Pierre is a small disappointment for the next red piolta .  Final Mark: 7.5/10.

M. Verstappen: Red Bull in trouble at monza and you see, he away from mercedes and retires due to reliability issues; Missed opportunity to recover points at lewis . Not stonks.    Final Mark: 5/10.

2020 Italian GP

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