Race results. F1 Hungary GP.


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Red Bull summoned race stewards for drying Alexander Albon’s grid slot.

Masi informed the teams they were “not permitted to use any means to artificially dry the track, including but not limited to grid boxes e.g: blowers, tyre blankets, etc.”

FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer issued a bulletin early in the race confirming that Red Bull had dried the grid slot used for Albon’s car, lining up 13th, and referred the issue to the stewards.


Verstappen’s crash before the start.

Max Verstappen’s participation in the 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix is in doubt after crashing his Red Bull Formula 1 car en route to the grid on Sunday. Rain in the build-up to the race start left the track wet, forcing drivers to complete their reconnaissance laps to the grid on the intermediate compound tyre.

Verstappen lost control of his car at Turn 12 on his way to the grid after locking the front-left tyre, losing the rear before sliding sideways into the barrier.

The collision tore the front wing from Verstappen’s Red Bull RB16, and also left him with suspension damage.

The Dutchman reported over the radio that it was “suspension, everything” that was damaged, but managed to get his car to the grid, where he is due to start seventh.

The Red Bull team was seen finding a replacement front wing for Verstappen’s car that was taken to the grid for repairs to continue.

Renault to confirm protest against Racing Point.


The ironic fate of Power Unit debate: Mercedes outperforms Ferrari.

Toto Wolff says his Mercedes Formula 1 team was pushed to “burnout” levels by Ferrari last year and suggests it’s “ironic” it has taken a jump in performance as a result.

Wolff was making a pointed reference to the drop in the performance of Ferrari’s power unit since last season as a result of a clampdown by the FIA, in the wake of the controversial “settlement” agreed earlier this year.

Yesterday Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto said that Ferrari had been reined in by technical directives issued by the FIA that impact all teams equally, but Wolff suggested there was more to the story.

“Another complete bullshit story, technical directives,” he said. “There’s a clear regulation on power units.

“There have been clarifications in Austin, what is allowed to do or not, which were important, but nothing that was in any way surprising because if you comply to the regulations that was anyway clear.

“I think the irony of the story is that we were pushed by some of our competitors to absolutely new levels.


Mercedes, less lubirication for more oil in combustion chamber?

Some rumors refer of Mercedes focus during the last two years on new engine components and materials in order to match Ferrari power unit since 2018 Spec. In particular, the reasearch of Mercedes would have pushed towards an engine concept where less lubrification was needed, in order to convey part of the remaining in the combustion chamber. The hard work faced a lot of struggling due to the reliability of the single elements during the laboratory tests.

Post – race, the drivers.

It was a pretty bad race for me to be honest.

V. Bottas (Mercedes)

It was not how I wanted it in the beginning of course, ending up in the barriers on the laps to the grid. But the mechanics did amazing job to fix the car. I don’t know how they did it, but incredible. To pay them back with the second place, I was very pleased with that. The first half was very crucial and from there on, I think we had the right calls, and we had good pace.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

That team radio of S.Vettel.

Ferrari: “Box Sebastian, box for soft tires”
Vettel: “Mediums, don’t you think? There is graining “
Ferrari: “Received, okay for the mediums”


Race results. Our marks to the drivers. Good Strategy for Haas.

C. Leclerc: Patient at the start, this time. His speed has been at the same level of Vettel in qualifying, but the choice of the soft compound ruins his race. In the long run with the hard compound, his single seat shows problems of car balance. The 11th position is also related to the team’s strategy. Final Mark: 5.5/10.

L. Hamilton: 8th win in Hungary. He simply does want he wants, no matter the weather. Final Mark: 8/10

V. Bottas: Even with a black rocket like his Mercedes he cannot take the second position which was also his starting position. Are some Barrichello’s symptoms arising? Final Mark: 5.5/10.

Ferrari: Here we go again! Poor strategy from the team side. Leclerc with the soft compound suffered of graining while Vettel is forced to lose time and position during the pit stop. If you combine this situation with the technical problems of the car, then you can figure out why getting into points is so hard. Final Mark: 4/10

S. Vettel: In front of Lecler in quali. Very consistent and concentrated during the race. His team radio is fundamental to make the correct choice of the medium compound. The only poisitive light in another negative weekend for the Prancing Horse. Final Mark: 7/10.

K. Magnussen: The perfect call of the slick tyres at the beginning of the race where the key to get the first points in the season. A good and consistent drive concludes a positive day for Gunther Steiner (Hass team principal). Final Mark: 7.5/10.

M. Verstappen: His final mark is the average between the mistake in the pre-race line up laps (4) and his incredible drive to defend the second position (9). Of course, Red Bull is discovering some performance issue in this first races of the championship. Final Mark: 7/10.

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