On the Way to British GP: race schedule


British GP: race schedule.

ROUND 4: Silverstone.

Formula 1 returns home. On May 13, 1950 the first Grand Prix in history was held on a track taken from the Silvestone Air Force. On the same place, on a runway transformed over the years but still soaked of history that, in this particular 2020, two races will take place. At the British Grand Prix (the next one will be called the 70 years F1 Grand Prix), it will come with a classification already dominated by the two Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, who have shared the victories in the first three occasions of the year.

Race schedule (UTC+1)

Friday 31st July:

  • Free Practise 1         11:00-12:30
  • Free Practise 2         15:00-16:30

Saturday 1st August:

  • Free Practise 3        12:00-13:00
  • Qualifying session   15:00-16:00

Sunday 2nd August:

  • Race                        15:10-17:10

The characteristics of the track.

  • Time on brakes: 15%
  • Number of braking: 7
  • More demanding turns: 3, 16 and 6

A changeable weather.

Friday 31st July – Mostly sunny, 20% chance of precipitation, temperatures between 16 ° C and 31 ° C.
Saturday 1st August – Partly cloudy, 10% chance of precipitation, temperatures between 11 ° C and 22 ° C.
Sunday 2nd August – Partly cloudy, 10% chance of precipitation, temperatures between 12 ° C and 19 ° C.

Silverstone GP 2020 F1

Laurent Mekies (Ferrari): “There are no magic formulas”.

“The racing team had the opportunity to return home for a few days after the first hat-trick of races, but we are ready to get back on track with the desire to bring home the maximum from this weekend in terms of results – added the French manager – This start of the season is certainly demanding a test of character from everyone, but we know we can count on a compact team, our drivers and fans to team up and be able to react. There are no magic formulas to change the state of affairs quickly and we know that we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are here to do it ”.

Mekies Ferrari 2019

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