F1 and COVID-19: Ferrari and McLaren to produce ventilators

Ferrari cares during the emergency. “Ready to produce respirators”.

Specialized staff from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Ferrari and Magneti Marelli will help Bologna firm SIARE with a large contract to supply pulmonary respirators for the intensive care of coronavirus patients, confirms SIARE General Manager Gianluca Preziosa. They will join some 25 military technicians who have already moved into the SIARE works to help reach the production surplus.

Ferrari respirators COVID

The prancing horses plan is to contribute and help in providing machinery needed for intensive care i.e. fans and respirators. They will use the Maranello plant to achieve this objective. The idea will solve the lack of hospital appliances. It aims to increase the production of fans and breathing apparatus to provide respirators to hospitals. Ferrari aims to increase the production of appliances for Siare breathing.

They will provide 300 instead of 150 respirators per week. The idea is under study by Ferrari and FCA in collaboration with automotive components manufacturer Magneti Marelli. It could turn into reality in the next few days. This will provide a shot in the arm for the struggling Italian healthcare system. This move will help the national supply chain in the upcoming days.


Also McLaren joins the fight against COVID-19.


McLaren Automotive is among companies looking into rapid production of basic ventilators that could help patients with breathing problems suffered as a result of the coronavirus.

The UK supercar-maker is forming a team “with a view to see if these ventilators can be produced rapidly and relatively simply,” a spokesman told Automotive News Europe.

At present the plan would not be for McLaren to manufacture the ventilators, but rather the company would offer its design expertise, the spokesman said. McLaren’s team is one of three consortiums being assembled by engineering specialists to tackle a potential shortage of the ventilators in the UK.


Nissan will lead another while aerospace component specialist Meggitt will lead a third, Reuters reported. McLaren is looking at how to design a simple version of a ventilator and Nissan is working with others to support existing ventilator producers.

Meggitt, which builds components including oxygen systems for civil aerospace and military fighter programs, is leading a consortium with engineers GKN, Thales and Renishaw.

European aerospace group Airbus is working across the process to see if its 3D printing or production facilities can be of use. “The aim is for there to be a prototype in two weeks and for manufacturing to start in four weeks,” one person familiar with the situation told Reuters.

Two groups are acting to coordinate the program — PA Consulting and High Value Manufacturing Catapult, which was set up by the government to bridge the gap between British business and its powerful academic sector to turn ideas into income.

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