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Ferrari: strategic defeat, hierarchies not respected

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Race results. Monaco GP F1 2022.

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Binotto: “Made mistakes, but there is a sense of injustice”

Having monopolized the front row of the grid for the second time this season, Ferrari returns from Monaco with a second and fourth place, at the end of one of the most strategically complex races in the Principality. The disappointment at the Ferrari home was palpable at the end of the race, both of home idol Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, whose opportunities for victory were canceled by an impeding from Latifi’s Williams in the crucial lap out of the pits. However, the errors of the Ferrari wall also contributed to the Monegasque defeat, on the occasion less reactive than the Red Bull one.

F1 2022 Monaco GP. Binotto vs Red Bull. Pit exit line. Presticebdt

In the traditional post-match conference, Mattia Binotto acknowledged the mistakes made by the team, but also expressed a sense of frustration towards various adverse episodes:

“We made mistakes, because when we finish fourth it means that something wrong has been done. But I also feel a sense of injustice. Starting five minutes before the start of the race, the tires had to be fitted and the Red Bull was without tires. It is not known why the FIA ​​postponed the start three minutes from the start, but the regulation says that at five minutes the tires must be fitted. On the question of the yellow line, it was not a protest against Red Bull and we do not want to compete with them on this front, but we did it to demand clarity from the Federation as to consistency and consistency of decisions. On the voiceovers it is incredible how Latifi or Albon, who were running four seconds slower with clear blue flags displayed, did not let the leader of the race pass. Having said that, we made some errors of assessment. We had the means to win this race and we didn’t. We must learn to make even unfortunate situations favorable ”.

When Leclerc came out with the intermediates he lost a lot of time behind Albon, especially against Verstappen. Without this episode we wouldn’t be talking about it, just as without Latifi’s traffic we wouldn’t be talking about it because Carlos would have won the race ”.

Even before the race, another key episode was the choice of tires on the starting grid: “We were among the best prepared teams on the grid, having fitted the extreme wet tires in time and we were in an excellent position. It’s good for the team, it also shows that we are familiar with the grid, making the right decisions. Unfortunately the race direction has decided to postpone the start, the reason for which is not yet clear to me ”.


Leclerc condemns the Ferrari wall via radio: “I have no words”

Deep bitterness for Charles Leclerc today in Monaco. The poleman and host was flying at the head of the race on rain tires, but the strategy set by Ferrari relegated him to fourth position behind Max Verstappen, who therefore brings the advantage in the standings to nine on a track where on paper the Scuderia di Maranello driver dreamed of a counter-overtake.

The trick was the rain that forced the drivers to start with full wet tires behind the Safety Car. Red Bull has put Ferrari in difficulty by stopping Sergio Perez, the logical move would have been for the short wall of the Red to stop Carlos Sainz, who opposed wanting not to go to intermediates, but to wait for the direct passage from full wet tires to dry tires. .

This stance on the part of Sainz, who did not return to the pits at the request of Ferrari, has put the strategists of Maranello in difficulty, who have gone into confusion. Charles Leclerc’s stop after one lap too many was not enough to keep the position on Perez who scored an incredible undercut on both Ferraris, but then the situation became sporty dramatic in the second stop to move from the intermediates to the tires. when dry.

Leclerc returned to the pits with track engineer Xavier Marcos who instead asked him to stay out. The Monegasque found the pitch occupied by Sainz. The ‘slow’ pit gave Red Bull the opportunity to also pit Perez and Verstappen. The two returned to the track respectively in front of Sainz and Leclerc, to the desperation of the latter.

“I have no words, we can’t do things like this”, the Monegasque’s anger over the radio after crossing the finish line. However, the Monegasque showed great team spirit. Below is the exchange of words with the Ferrari wall.

Disaster for Leclerc Monaco GP F1 2022 | Presticebdt

Sainz: “I respected the yellow line and Latifi passed me”

The Williams driver – who crashed behind the Safety Car at the Loews in the very early stages of the race – was among the first to mount slick tires and was decisive in ‘protecting’ the leadership of Sergio Perez who later won at the finish. In fact, from Sainz’s on board, you can see how Latifi overtook the Ferrari driver on the climb that leads to Massenet despite the fact that the blue flags were already waving at Sainte-Devote.

The Canadian ignored several reports from the Commissioners, impeccable and ready to wave the flags and set the light panels at the Casino, at the Mirabeau until after the Portier Latifi slowed down, giving way to Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard’s out lap time was two seconds slower than Perez’s and the fact that Checo was back on track with only a second of margin highlights how detrimental it was for Sainz to meet Latifi on his way. with the Canadian who even overtook the Ferrari driver.

These are the words of Carlos Sainz on the occasion of the final press conference, words confirmed by the shooting on board:

“It is easy to understand my frustration, because I knew that my race was all about in the lap outside the pits. As soon as I got out of the pit lane, I had some skidding on the wet side and Latifi managed to slip in front of me. Personally, knowing that I was the leader at the time, he could have stayed behind rather than overtaking me, also considering that I was trying to stay inside the yellow line out of the pits, which others have struggled to do. He passed me on the climb to the Casino and from there I had to stay behind along curves 3, 4, 5, 6,7 and 8, all the way to the tunnel. At that point, however, I had lost the warm-up of the slicks and the possibility of making a difference. The slicks were as fast as the intermediates if not faster, which is why we could stay ahead of Checo. You can understand my frustration and why I shouted over the radio to give me the way “.


F1 2022 Monaco GP Presticebdt


Race results – after the race:  Monaco GP F1 2022

Power outage delayed Monaco start, prevented standing restarts

Rain in the build-up to the planned start time of 3pm for the Monaco Grand Prix led to the start procedure being suspended just minutes away from the intended start of the formation lap.

The formation lap was initially rescheduled for 3:09pm local time in Monaco, but the start was then delayed again by the FIA to 3:16pm, beginning the race behind the safety car.

After completing two laps behind the safety car, heavy rain then led to the race being red flagged.

The initial decisions to delay the start to 15.16 stemmed from the FIA wanting to give the teams ample opportunity to change to wet weather tyres as it anticipated the heavy rain that arrived on the two safety car formation laps.

Then, when the cars were lined up in the pit lane under the red flag that followed, a power outage caused the starting systems to fail and contributed to the wait of nearly 45-minutes before the first rolling restart was attempted.

It is understood the FIA was able to choose a standing start before the rain increasing led to the race’s first red flag, but the power cut meant it could not be sure the start system would work fully afterwards and so it had no choice but to implement rolling restarts for the rest of the event.

Mercedes driver and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton said after the race he thought two standing starts would have been possible, but acknowledged that the “spray was crazy” after the rain shower, making a rolling start “the best thing to do”.

Monaco GP red flagged Safety Car – Presticebdt


In a new rule introduced ahead of the 2020 season, races can resume via a standing restart on the grid after a red flag if the race director deems it appropriate.

This could have been applicable for the restart after the first red flag for rain, which halted proceedings by almost an hour, as well as the second restart on lap 31 following the red flag for Mick Schumacher’s sizeable crash at the exit of the Swimming Pool chicane.

A number of drivers were left confused why the race didn’t start as planned at 3pm, believing they could have handled the wet weather that hit the circuit.

The FIA said that race control was “monitoring a severe downpour that was rapidly approaching the circuit” and the decision to suspend the start procedure was “done for safety reasons in consideration that there has been no wet running this weekend”.


Schumacher: Huge Monaco GP crash felt “super weird”

Schumacher lost control of his Haas F1 car while coming through the Swimming Pool chicane on Lap 26 of the race, snapping to the right-hand side of the track. His car glanced the Armco before then going into the Tecpro barrier at the exit of the corner.

The accident saw the rear-end and gearbox of his Haas VF-22 detach on impact, but Schumacher was quick to report over the radio that he was OK.

The race was initially put under a virtual safety car before a full safety car followed. Race control ultimately decided to throw a red flag so that full repairs of the barrier could be completed.

Schumacher was taken to the medical centre as a precaution after the accident, but was quickly cleared by the FIA staff.

Upon arriving in the media pen, Schumacher confirmed he felt OK, and that he was confused by how he had lost control of the car.


GP Monaco, crash for Mick Schumacher Montecarlo. Presticebdt


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