F1 2020 Car Launch: Calendar and News

Haas F1 the first to reveal the livery.


Haas F1 Team today unveiled the design and livery of its VF-20 challenger for the record-breaking 22-race 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship. The reveal across the team’s social media channels showcased a variety of digital renderings of the VF-20, set to be driven by Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, complete with its new livery – one which sees the American outfit return to its traditional base colors of gray, red and black in a contemporary restyling of a familiar theme.

Mercedes unveils the new livery anticipating Ferrari. Mind jokes have already started?

The 10th of February Mercedes has shown its colors for 2020. At the Royal Club Automobile of London, we can appreciate some red spot on the 2019 Mercedes. The new model, will be presented the St. Valentine’s day, the 14th February. The reason for the red insertions? Simply the sponsor Ineos. Mind jokes have already started!

Ferrari F1 2020 presentation: Scuderia Ferrari Unveil of 11th February. The SF1000.

At the “Romolo Valli” theatre the first presentation of Ferrari outside Maranello has taken place. The name? SF1000 such as the GP the Ferrari will celebrating in 2020. Beyond the usual declaration, Binotto has stated that “however the SF1000 resembles SF90, many concept have been brought to the limit”.

Technical Insight – SF1000.

From what it is possible to see from the images, the front wing appears to be an hybrid between the outwash concept of SF90 and the inwash philosophy of Red Bull and Mercedes. We don’t know if the front wing showed is the definitive one or only a dummy version for tests. For sure, we can clearly see from the images that the twists of the airfoil profile are different at the end-plates (Figure below, Point 1).

We may also notice some differences on the front assembly structure: in fact, the front wing assembly has a more cantilevered (Point 2) design which has probably the aim to exploit the flow on the underbody in a similar way it was done in high front configuration. The more air the underfloor is able “to elaborate” the more efficiency is gained at the diffuser.

The SF1000 outfit seems to align its design to that of Red Bull in particular for the area of the badgeboard (Point 3) and on the top deck area (where the sponsors UPS, Rayban and Shell). In particular, the curvature of the sidepod tends to accomplish the aerodynamic performance, one the weak point of SF90.

In the end, in ordert to achieve both a more efficient shape and compactness, the rear of the car (the so called “Coca-Cola“) is now slimmer in SF1000 (Point 4).


Technical comparison of SF1000 and SF90.

RB16. The new creature of Adrian Newey.

The smile of Max Verstappen meant more than a bunch of words. The new born of Milton Keynes had to wait only few hours to make debut on track for the filming day.

Extreme cooling. Will the Honda engine suffer?

RB16 shows surprinsingly small radiators intake, even smaller than the one of Ferrari, despite the Japanese engine had some reliability issues last season. The front nose has been subject of micro-aerodynamics studies taking to the edge the concept of Mercedes 2019 without compromising the structural integrity (crash test).


The new front nose and radiator intake of RB16.

The new McLaren MCL35. The turning point for the Team of Woking.

The 13th of February Mclaren has revealed its single-seater for the 2020. It’s the first model in which also Norris gave its contributiuon to the development. It’s at the present day, the team which had deeply revised the technical project. The design distinguishes for a very high suspension connection (if compared to the one of Ferrari, for example). The front assembly philosophy has been re-considered and also the rake has been revisited.


McLaren 2020 single seater: MCL35 vs MCL34.

Our St. Valentine’s Day: the new Mercedes W11.

The 15th Febraury also Toto’s & Co. have made things clear: W11 is already at the debut in Silverstone and the rush for the 7th title is declared open. Hamilton to equal the holy figure of Michael Schumacher and Mercedes to make history. The aerodynamic concepts of  2019 have been brought to the extreme consequences.

 The most stylish of the Circus: Alpha Tauri, directly from Toro Rosso.

The team which wins the prize of most fashionable team is up to now, the new born Alpha Tauri, a rebrand of the old Toro Rosso.

If we compare the sidepod of Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Alpha Tauri we can appreciate the huge work done to reduce drag, will the radiators endure these small openings?


From left to right: Mercedes W11, Ferrari SF1000, Red Bull RB16, Alpha Tauri AT01 sidepods.

Racing Point Presentation.

Williams Presentation.

  • Ferrari 2020 F1
    Scuderia Ferrari
    11th February 2020

    Ferrari 2020 F1
    Scuderia Ferrari News 2020 [link]

    • —> S. Vettel the first to fit the single-seater
    • —> The first roar of Ferrari engine
    • —> The future of Vettel to be defined in the first 6 races of 2020
  • Renault 2020 F1
    Renault F1 team
    12th February 2020

    Renault 2020 F1

    Renault F1 team News

    • —> The fire-up of the new R.S. 20
    • —> Taffin, Mercedes engine just behind us
  • McLaren 2020 F1
    13th February 2020
    McLaren 2020 F1

    McLaren News [link]

    • —> The first light of Renault engine also for McLaren
  • Racing Point 2020 F1
    Racing Point
    17th February 2020

    Racing Point 2020 F1Racing Point News

    • —> £182 million investment from Stroll’s consortium sees them take a 16.7% stake in Aston Martin, with Racing Point then slated for a re-brand ahead of the start of F1’s ground-breaking 2021 season; Stroll to become Aston Martin’s Executive Chairman
  • F1 Mercedes 2020
    Mercedes AMG F1
    14th February 2020

    F1 Mercedes 2020
    Mercedes News [link]

    • —> Similar dowforce but more engine for 2020
  • Alfa Romeo Racing F1
    Alfa Romeo Racing
    19th February 2020

    Alfa Romeo Racing F1
    Alfa Romeo News

    • —> The crash test failure delays the launch to 19th February
    • —> Less outwash and more stability for 2020
  • Haas 2020 F1
    Haas F1 team
    19th february 2020

    Haas 2020 F1
    Haas F team News [link]

    • —> New logo colours for Haas after deal break up with Rich Energy
  • Alpha Tauri 2020 F1
    Alpha Tauri
    14th February 2020

    Alpha Tauri 2020 F1
    Alpha Tauri News [link here]

    • —> Toro Rosso rebrands and becomes Alpha Tauri
  • Williams 2020 F1
    Williams F1 team

    Williams 2020 F1
    Williams News

    • —> Williams to strength its team for  2020
  • Red Bull 2020
    Red Bull Racing
    12th February 2020

    Red Bull 2020
    Red Bull News [link]

    • —> Mercedes the first rival of Red Bull for 2020 according to Marko
    • —> Red Bull ready to remonstrate also in 2020 against Ferrari engine if irregularities arise
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