Charles, the good boy betrayed (by the stewards)

That’s it. Another and another. Also this week discussing a race result  under the mangnifying lense of the  feared “under investigation”.  Just few words about Saturday (Quali day):  Hamilton  impiding o Kimi.  CORRECT decision. Stop.  As it was 1 ago (with Vettel – Sainz)  the 3 position penalty has been afflicted to the English champion.

charles leclerc max verstappen gp austria 2019 lapresse

Nothing to say about the show offered by the Austrian race and here below the marks to pilots and teams.

Kimi Raikkonen: simply AWESOME. Incredible start for the Finnish driver and good fight strategy to keep until it was possible, faster cars behind him.

GRADE 8.5/10

Antonio Giovinazzi: we waited so long for his first point. At the 9th GP he did it! Still time to improve and to be confirmed. GRADE: 7.5/10

Pierre Gasly: lapped by his teammate. No words. Mental status = Luca BADOER 2007. GRADE: 4/10

Luca Badoer diaporama 500x379

Luca BADOER proud of P. GASLY’s permormance

V. Bottas: was he racing? Verstappen might not have seen him. GRADE: 4/10

Carlos Sainz: great recovery for a McLaren which seems to have found the right path. GRADE: 8.5/10

Lando Norris: The young driver is showing his abilities behind the steering wheel. Great and fair driver in battles. Classy in motorsport means also the skill to push to the limit in a fight guided by sportiness. GRADE: 8.5/10

Sebastian Vettel: This round the pilot is not under judgement. Bad luck this weekend for him. For not his fault started P9 and and a team mistake (for mechanics’ radio problems) his race complicated. GRADE : 7/10

Ferrari: You have 3 chance to win this year. 1) Bahrein. 2) Montreal. 3) Spielberg. If in three shoots you got zero, probably something wrong is happening. Strategy ahead of all. And remember: we pit stop to change wheels. In case you forgot. GRADE: 3/10.

qualifiche gp d austria leclerc in pole vettel decimo per un problema tecnico 6652 3
Image 1

Lewis Hamilton: the showman today out of the show. Negative weekend for him. But if bad race means 5th we understand it will be a year to be recorded. Mistake during qualifying causing impeding + front wing damage are a burden on his GRADE: 5.5/10

Be aware! this race we weren’t able to understand his potential!

Mattia Binotto: after the “clear evidences” of Canada GP, another possibility for Ferrari’s victory vanishes. Probably in public speaking does not transmit the same energy as Arrivabene.  The only hope is he does not have the same charisma of someone in Ferrari  they know well.… you now what I mean. GRADE: 2.5/10

Do you want the marks for Verstappen and Leclerc?

Here you can find article and video.

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