Bitcoin Halving: Earn Money with Crypto Mining

Up to +730% profit in a year with Mining UP

Here we are. Bitcoin (BTC) halving is right there at the beginning of May 2020. Due to also COVID-19 situation these month were of very high volatility but Bitcoin has greatly recovered from the market crash of March, 21. Bitcoin is goingo to acquire worth in future years due to its intrinsic characteristic. In fact, unlike fiat money (i.e. US dollars or Euro) cannoted be printed; it could be considered such as virtual gold. In this article we’ll introduce a very interesting platform: MINING UP and a registration link to claim your welcome bonus.

How to earn with Bitcoin. Mining Crypto.

A profitable and stable way to earn is literally extracting “crypto”. What does it mean? You purchase an amount of hash, that in simple word constitutes the fuel to extract the cryptocurrency. One of those platform is Mining UP. In other words it’s like you rent a super computer to solve the algoritms and obtaining the cryptocurrency (i.e Bitcoin). A number of cryptocurrencies can be “minined” (yes, like gold); in particular, referring to Mining UP we can choose between the following one:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin

The most famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin (BTC) and for this reason is also the reference for the crypto-market. We report below the expected value of Bitcoin for future years. In the plot is reported both the model (black line) and the real trend Bitcoin had till now (coloured line).

Bitcoin value

Start Mining and take Profit till +730% per year.

The profitability of your money/crypto depends on the amount of “hash” (remember the fuel to run the calculation) that you want to invest. Once you have bought the hash, the cluster of supercomputers start extracting the cryptocurrency. You’ll have a daily accrual: this means that every day you can see the amount of crypto you’ve extracted in your account. A minimal withdrawal limit is set to 10$. All the contracts have 1 year duration. For example, even investing the amount of 100$ you can have the following condition for Bitcoin (+182.5% profit in one year!):

Mining UP Bitcoin

First of all you can use this link to register to the website of Mining Up. In order to claim the welcome bonus of (50 GH/s approximately 10$) you can use the link. In the windows that appears you have to register the account with your data (completely anonimous!). Then, when you join the telegram group, you’ll see that in your account the bonus would be active!

Then in order to start earning you have to buy the hash. The following pic illustrate the right procedure.

Crypto profitability

  1. Click buy hash.
  2. Select the kind of crypto you wanna extract.
  3. choose the amout you wanna spend.
  4. Select how you wanna pay.
  5. Here you can check the profitability of your investment.

Once you’ve checked and you’re happy, go to the bottom of the page to purchase the quantity. We notice that is possible to pay also with Perfect Money and Payeer but also with other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin halving

Why to choose Mining-UP.

Here’s below the main reason are reported. Their support is incredibly responsive and joining the telegram group you’ll have the needed information. Moreover they offer a very interesting affiliate program (check it on their website with our link!). As we see from the expected grow of bitcoin in future years, buy crypto before the next halving of 2024!


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