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How to open a website

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Most of our readers ask us how to open their own blog in the same fashion of this website. Follow this guide if you want to open a business or you’re delighted by the idea of having your personal space on the net. All you need is listed below! Claim your special offer below to have an incredible discount (for COVID-19 situation, Siteground has an unbeatable offer!)

Here below a brief recap of the of the word you may come across with the topic:

  • Domain: the “name” of your site, i.e.;
  • Hosting: the server where your site is hosted, in other words the service which allow you to see your site online;
  • WordPress: one of the instruments you may use to build your personal site and create the contents you want.

Register your (personal) domain or simply buy it on the market.

  1. First of all you need a domain, what’s a domain? It’s your “address” on the internet! For this website it’s In simpe words, it should be related to the name of your business/activity ot to the niche you wanna treat.
  2. The domain can be bought on the market or you can register yours on particular site that provide that service. You can find some domains in this page (Domains) which can be easily purchased throgh the platform Dynadot (the site to which you’ll be redirected clicking on the links on tha page).
  3. Otherwise, you may get the domain in the second phase since some hosting platforms such as Siteground (the one which supports this site) also provide the service of domains registrars. Click here to go to Siteground and visit their offer!

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Claim your hosting offer.

A hosting platform it’s a service that allow your site to be “broadcasted” on the internet. When you’ve the domain you’re the owner of the “name” but you need someone (a server) where your site can be hosted.

  1. This site is hosted by means of the services of Siteground. This platform allows also to register a domain name in case you need it. Siteground has a very competitive offer in particular if you want to integrate and build your site with WordPress.
  2. Choose your plan. Three main plans are available and the performances are based on traffic you’re expecting and on the premium services you may ask. A general information about the kind of plan is reported in the figure below. For more, please go to the official site.


  1. With the Siteground plans, even the cheaper one, WordPress integration is a plus. Moreover, you can have access to your cPanel area are start your own business/website!

To give an idea of the opportunities a site hosted with Siteground platform has we can list two of them:

  • possibility to enable the HTTPS protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) -in some case named SSL – which encrypting the connection among servers allow you to get a better rank on research results;
  • possibility to get a faster connection you can easily set-up the Cloudflare.
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