|After the race| Belgium GP: the comments

Motorsport is dangerous. This sentence always appears after serious accidents during the race weekend. As often happen a fatal combination of events occurred. The tremendous crash involving Anthoine Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa in F2 was too severe for the French driver. Commenting the races we sometimes forget the price of speed and therefore his consequences.

Risultati immagini per hubert rip

The causes of the accident are related to the Alesi car coming off the track because of a puncture and leading to a a series of unfortunate events. For the readers interested, an explanatory video of the accident can be found here.

F1 Race analysis

Spa-Francorshamps gives the first seasonal victory to Ferrari and to the his young driver: Charles Leclerc deeply signed in face in an emotionally difficul t weekend after the passing of his friend. On the whole, Ferrari showed a very good pace with the softer compound with Vettel and Leclerc capable of mantaining the gap against Mercedes. Despite the improvements made from the free practise, Maranello’s team wasn’t able to mantain the pace with the hard tyres. For this reason, after the fisrt sign of early wear on Vettel car, the decision to pit early with the German driven was made. Here, as Binotto said the important was winning the GP, also sacrificing one driver. Here below, the grade marks to the main drivers!

Leclerc: perfect weekend, incredible tyre management, seems to suffer less the tyre wear and he’s able to control his Ferrari under different-under pression situations and configuration. Simply, the predestined. GRADE: 10/10

Vettel: The driver and most important the psychological side is not fully recovered but in the last two GP has shown that the path to get out of the crisis has been taken. To recover his full potentiality a race in aid of his teammate is the right way. Took the possible when more can’t be reached. Hamilton would say wingman. GRADE: 6.5/10

Vettel Wingman Leclerc

Hamilton: in each occasion he has the ability to gain point in the championship. He never give up. Probably the time lost at the pit stop and the one lost behind Vettel cost him to reach Charles. But reach does not mean pass. State of mind: point cashier. GRADE 8/10.

Bottas: I didn’t see him during the race. In case there was I give him a 6/10. State of Mind: hibernation till the next contract signature.

Verstappen: Sometimes he tends to repeat the same mistake and even against the same drivers. Probabily not what his fans expected. State of Mind: Kimi crasher. GRADE 4/10.

Albon: great recovery from the back at the first time with Red Bull. Awesome overtake to Ricciardo. Good permormance if compared to the one of Gasly. State of Mind: still under Helmut Marko’s swap spell. GRADE 8/10

Norris: betrayed during the last lap of the GP. However great permormance till that moment. GRADE 8/10. State of Mind: Give me 7 km more.

Raikkonen: the prince of Spa lost an important occasion to gain important points. But after the first turn Versbatten’s move the under-floor was too ruined to complete a decent race. State of Mind: Old and Cripple. Beyond the jokes, the holy drinker has a lot to do in F1, it is sufficient to compare him with the following…

Giovinazzi: Very good pace, strong race, courageous overtake during Sector 2 on Ricciardo before the disaster. That’s not the way to confirm a seat even though you have the speed. State of mind: “at least was fast”. GRADE 4/10.

Giovinazzi Crash Spa

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