Aerodynamics lessons: CFD analysis and Wind Tunnel devices explanations

Aerodynamics: CFD and Wind Tunnel principles with focus on aero settings in Motorsport. Aero parameters and setting focused on motorsport racing cars. Aero Balance, Aero parameters and CFD setups.

The PRO’s of Computational Fluid Dynamics towards the one of Experimentation!

Test section wind tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 20 – Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Part 2

The second lesson to complete the review of the closed loop wind tunnel. Settling chamber, convergent section and the importance of the propeller.
Pininfarina Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 19 – Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Part 1

Two complete lessons dedicated to the analysis of the closed-loop wind tunnel: the most advanced experimental tech to inspect the airflow in test section.
PSP aerodynamics

Aerodynamics: Lesson 19 – PSP Pressure Sensitive Paint

How to determine the pressure in aerodynamic settings? PSP is a practical way to measure pressure by means of a specific illumination.
PIV - Particle Image Velocimetry

Aerodynamics: Lesson 18 – PIV Particle Image Velocimetry

Do you know how to measure speed of particles in wind-tunnel? PIV is one of the methods. Quick insight and explanation of Particle Image Velocimetry.
LDV - Experimental Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics: Lesson 17 – LDV Laser Doppler Velocimetry

A brief overview of LDV - Laser Doppler Velocimetry, one of the experimental methods to evaluate the velocity field in experimental aerodynamics.
Wind Tunnel

Aerodynamics: Lesson 16 – Wind Tunnel Classification

Wind Tunnel Classification: the main components and type of wind tunnel for experimental aerodynamics. Closed and Open Loops windtunnels.
Experimental aerodynamics: Hot Wire Anemometry.

Aerodynamics: Lesson 15 – Experimental Hot Wire Anemometry

Hot Wire Anemometry: the working principle of experimental aerodynamics. How to measure velocity in wind tunnel test. The King's law and data comparison.
Industrial design

Aerodynamics: Lesson 14 – Citroën DS: a product of industrial design

Citroën DS: a product of industrial design. The model made the revolution in the car manufacturing, introducing for the first time aerodynamics concepts.
How DRS works

Aerodynamics: Lesson 13 – How DRS works in F1

An entire article dedicated to how the DRS works in F1. FIA regulations and its predecessor, the F-Duct are exposed and analysed.
Suez crisis

Aerodynamics: Lesson 12 – History background of aerodynamics development

The historical background of aerodynamics development. The Suez crisis boosted the technology alternative solution also in F1.
Aerodynamics in F1

Aerodynamics: Lesson 11 – Aerodynamics in F1 – an introduction

An introduction to Aerodynamics in F1. The major evolution in F1 history are touched in the article. Can you guess each era?
F1 driver training

Aerodynamics: Lesson 10 – The training for a racing driver

What's the training a racing driver has to undergo to perform at the top? The typical workout session are the focus of our insight. Do you kow what a PowerBall is?
Car evolution

Aerodynamics: Lesson 9 – Not only performance: the evolution of trasportation systems

Evolution is no more performance-driven. The developments of trasportation system now takes care of aesthetic rules and ecological principles.
Aerodynamic slipstream

Aerodynamics: Lesson 8 – Tow and wake turbulence

What happens when you follow a car? Tow and wake turbulence. An easy read article inspecting benefits and disadvantages of a slipstream.
Rear Wing F1 angle attack

Aerodynamics: Lesson 7 – Downforce and the ground effect in Motorsport

The aerodynamic forces acting on a wing. Downforce and Ground Effect. The flat bottom of a F1-like car and the risk of take-off.
Drag coefficient

Aerodynamics: Lesson 6 – The shape is a factor for drag

Pressure drag. The impact of the shape of a body on aerodynamic drag (pressure drag). The limit speed for a free falling object.
Rally Cars 70-80's

Aerodynamics: Lesson 5 – Aerotech evolution in Rally Grand Prix

The technical evolution of Rally Cars. Lancia, Audio Sport, Abarth 131are only few of the prestigious brand taking part to the old-style GP.
Golf Ball Wake

Aerodynamics: Lesson 4 – Motorsport and the Golf Ball case study

What's the match between Motorsport aerodynamics and a Golf Ball? In this lesson we investigate the benefit of a turbulent boundary layer.
Skin friction coefficient

Aerodynamics: Lesson 3 – Turbulent and Laminar boundary layer

An introductory lesson about turbulent and laminar flow. Which is the distinction and the advantages? The Navier-Stokes equations await!
Lesson 2

Aerodynamics: lesson 2 – Drag and Lift

The concept of drag and lift are essential in Motorsport. Physical and essential explanation of two important outcomes of aerodynamics analysis.