Lesson 2

Aerodynamics: lesson 2 – Drag and Lift

The concept of drag and lift are essential in Motorsport. Physical and essential explanation of two important outcomes of aerodynamics analysis.
How to open a website

Best hosting deal: the cheapest for sites and blogs

How to open a blog and getting the perfect hosting platform for your website. The best offer and the fundamentals steps to take.
Death Note: the controversial ending

Death Note explained: Kira vs Near+Mello

Death Note: Kira vs Mello + Near. The role of Shinigami, the unexpected ending. Are Mello and Near the right L's successors?
Death Note: Kira vs L

Death Note analysis: Light vs L

Death Note: Kira vs L. Why the utopian society of Light cannot work? The hidden meanings and references of the masterpiece of Tsugumi Ōba. Characters' inspection and analysis.

|After the race |Yas Marina| GP: the comments

After the race: Yas Marina GP 2019. The supremacy of Mercedes and Hamilton leave no breadcums to the rivals. As often the extravagant strategy of Ferrari is analyzed. The grades for the last appointment of the season are a MUST.